Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 9th Hands On Cookin' Class..Great Success!!

Last nights hands on cooking class was so much fun. It was our first time to attempt actual hands on with twenty people all participating and it really did work. Everyone was really fun, eager and most of all great cooks! The best part of the class to me was when everyone sat down for dinner and Carol said a beautiful blessing and everyone toasted to a job well done.

I am gearing up for the next class and would love to hear any of your suggestions on what we should cook and any tips on how this could be a better experience for you.

I really want to thank everyone for coming out and making this a great experience.

Please look for the pizza & sangria recipe on recipe post.

Enjoy the food pics and please feel free to include any feedback on the blog.

Chef Monica


Patrice said...

Fantastic! Loved chopping greens and meeting new friendly folks. Looking forward to the next cosmic meal.

Chef Monica Cobb said...


When can you teach us how to make the best damn gumbo ever?